Truths, lies, and everything else

Hollywood is preparing us for the collapse of the system.  This is just another movie to make you think “I would do this” in this scenario.  Please don’t point out it is a remake of an older movie.  It was not the same story and flop when it came out.  Add to this the hunger games and many new tv shows that are post apocalyptic.

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    i’ll watch it just to play a drinking game where i take a shot every time they say the word ‘freedom’
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    To be honest I just can’t believe that an official trailer for a real movie put shitty grammar up there on the FIRST...
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    hey look its josh. inb4 drake comes out towards the end and the main villain is revealed to be MEGAN! DUN DUN DUN!
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    ^^^ Exactly, it’s called conditioning. Getting people used to or accustomed to certain scenarios. To paraphrase Suicidal...
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